You are bought for a PRICE

1 Corinthians 6:19-20Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

A story has been told many times of a young boy who spent his summer designing and building a sailboat. After many days of painting, testing, and making adjustments the boat finally floated perfectly upright in the water and was ready for its maiden voyage. The next morning he took it down to the nearby river, and attaching a string he launched it out into the current.

The boat floated gaily along as the proud boy danced and laughed along with it. Rounding a bend in the river the sailboat encountered a tree that had fallen into the water from the opposite bank, causing strong, turbulent eddies that yanked the string from the boy’s hand. The boat passed through safely and hurried onward with the boy straining mightily to keep up, but eventually it disappeared from view. The boy sat down on the bank and wept … and from that day his broken heart could not be mended.

Summer turned to autumn, then to winter, and one Saturday the boy was wandering aimlessly through the nearby town. Suddenly he spied it in a shop window: his sailboat! He was overcome with joy. He rushed in and asked the shopkeeper the price of the sailboat, and though it would take all the money he had been saving he bought the boat without hesitation.

Hurrying home he proudly showed Father and Mother his boat As they rejoiced with him he held the sailboat close and spoke to it, “You are twice mine, little sailboat.” His Father asked, “What do you mean, ‘twice mine’?” The boy replied, “First, it is mine because I created it. But it is also mine because I bought it.” This is how Jesus Christ sees us who know and love Him: we are twice His. We are His because He created us, and we are His because when we strayed far from Him He paid the price to buy us back.

Every human being who has ever lived is a creation of God, but not all are His children. Jesus paid the price for every one of us to be saved, but not all will be saved. He has written the cheque for our salvation, but its effect depends upon what we do with that cheque: If we reject it – by denying Jesus Christ – we make it of no effect; If we receive it in name only – by hanging it on the wall for all to see (i.e., taking the name “Christian” but never doing anything with it – we make it of no effect; If we deposit it in our account but never spend it – by keeping our faith as a ticket to heaven but otherwise ignoring it – we make it of no effect; But if we deposit it and spend it for the good of others – by allowing the Holy Spirit to change our lives and use us to change the lives of others – only then do we use the gift God has so lavishly given to us. Jesus says, “You are twice mine.” What are you doing with the price He paid to make you His own a second time? 

Word of God: speak!Non Nobis Domine

Fr. Dana Jackson

© 2020


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