Why the Prayer of St. Michael


On Oct 13, 1884, Pope Leo XIII was then shown the events that would occur in the coming century. He saw wars that would involve most of the countries of the world. He saw immorality, homosexuality, murder and genocide that would occur on a massive scale. At the same time, he saw advances in technology and knowledge that would distract men and fill them with pride. He saw widespread apostasy , and the rise satanic cults. Pope Leo XIII then composed the exorcism prayer to St. Michael. Pope Leo then mandated this prayer be said after every Sunday mass for protection against Satan.

Not long after this, a speech was given by Aleister Crowley (aka “The Beast 666) He was known as the world’s most wicked man. Various rock groups in the 60’s paid tribute to Mr. Crowley by placing his image on album covers including the Beatles. Mr. Crowley shook his fist at heaven and told Jesus to step aside as it was now time for Satan to reign.

During the 20th century we have had more wars, more genocides and more martyr’s than in all previous ages combined. Many people believed that Satan’s reign before around the time of WWI approximately 1914. We see widespread immorality, perverse sexuality and mass murder of children by abortion.

Statistics Babies killed through abortion presented on January 25, 2017 in Washington D.C.

(from Global Life Campaign; Human Life International; Family Research Council; National Right to Life Committee; Regent University)

2800 per hour

241,000 thousand per week

1.046 million per month

6.276 million per six months

12.5 million per year

People killed under regimes in the 20th Century to name some: Lenin 4 Million; Stalin 40-60 Million; Hitler -17-20 Million; Mao Zedong – 45-75 Million; Ho Chi Min – 1.7 Million; Pol Pot 2.4 Million

We also see the rise of satanic cults and the decline in church attendance. In the late 1960’s Anton Lavey founded the church of Satan in California. Every heresy that has existed throughout history is flourishing in our world today. People mock God and disobey his commandments. The Bible and other symbols of Christianity are banned from public places. The Bible tells us in the latter days, knowledge will increase. Daniel 12:4

Within the span of one person’s lifetime, all these developments took place in less than 100 years. Yet we have become godless and immoral. In various apparitions of Jesus and Mary taking place around the world we are warned to repent and turn to GOD.

Padre Pío said that if we could see the number of demons around us, they would block out the sun.

Maxilimilian Kolbe said, Modern times are dominated by Satan, and will become more so in the future. The time has come to awaken from our slumber.

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