It takes faith-trust!

Before I talk about “Tithe” today, I ask all of you to please listen to the words I am about to deliver. Let us not look at the person for I am not worthy to stand here in front of you to give advice. It is the will of our Lord that you may listen to His words and put it in our minds and heart. I prayed to the Lord our God to guide me as I speak to you today and may the Holy Spirit guide me for I also need this advice.

What is Tithe? I searched the meaning of tithe, and it comes from an old English root meaning “one tenth.” In the old testament, a tithe is given as crops and livestock, not in gold, goods, and cash, for only the agricultural fruit of the Promise land was to be tithed. Today we commonly think that tithe is “ten percent.” We also have offerings and personal giving, which means that tithe is never alone.

They said that tithing is only in the old testament, but for me, it’s not true because even in the new testament it is written.

For me, tithing is not giving to the Lord, but it is returning to the Lord what is rightfully His because God provides us with the strength, the power, and health so that we can work and do whatever we want in this life.

Giving our tithes means returning, thanking, and praising Him because we are honoring Him that He is the one and only provider of our needs.

Giving our “tithes” means that we trust God that He will provide and bless us with all that we need regardless of what situation we are in.

Remember the widow in Mark 12:41-44, while Jesus is watching the people giving their offerings many rich people gave a large amount of money, but the widow catches Jesus’ attention, why? Even if it was only two copper coins …she gave the most, everything that she had, all her livelihood. She gave out of poverty, not thinking what will happen to her after that. She trusted God with all her heart. For those who say they can’t afford to tithe because they have so many bills to pay and many expenses to settle; the widow can not afford not to tithe because she knows that God will never ever abandon her and money means nothing because God alone can provide all her needs thru faith.

Remember in Malachi 3:8-12 this is the only verse on the Bible that God said TEST ME on this and see if I will not throw open the flood gates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. It is when we bring our tithes.

God knows that sometimes we are inconsiderate of others and would want our money to keep for ourselves, but He said that we should give cheerfully, so we should give regardless of what we are going through. If you actually understand what tithing is, you will not opt to give only a tenth to the Lord but much more. God knows that we can not give equal amounts because we have different incomes; that is why He asks for “one-tenth” of what we have to be fair. Tithing is not only about the percentage that we give but it is about giving generously not only thru money but also sharing love to our neighbors as ourselves. With God’s grace, He will give us blessings. We should remind ourselves that blessings are not only material or financial things, but it is more than that. Let us also bear in mind not to think that we shall give so that we can receive blessings, no! Instead, we should give because we glorify God!

That should be our main purpose! Because God gave his son and Jesus sacrificed for us to save us! God GIVES and that we should also do!

Many of us also ask where do our tithes go when we give it to our church. I’ve read and searched that when we asked questions regarding the whereabouts of our tithes, we have this problem…

1. Our trust is not in God and the church that we are placed in.

2. We are attending an untrustworthy church, and we consider finding a new one.

Our church leaders are accountable for using church money in a responsible way and they have more accountability than we do as Bishop Elmer said in our seminar.

We should bear in mind that our accountability and responsibility as believers is what we give and what is in our hearts. If we still have doubts in mind on whether to give our tithes or where will it go, maybe we should ask ourselves, and work on our trust in God and pray for our church leaders that they may use it responsibly.

In Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.” When we can give more of whatever we have instead of keeping it for ourselves; when we are more considerate of others than ourselves it only shows that we are not tied up with our money and that God is more important to us than material things. Don’t you think God is more than happy to bless us thru His grace and thru our faith on Him?

So if others can give their tithes, give more than that to the place that nourishes and teaches them spiritually, and where the people put their money are blessed, and the people who give are also blessed thru many different ways, my question is…Is giving our tithes unacceptable thing and if it is not, why are we hesitant to do it?

A testimony by: Lowella Manliclic

Venice, Italy

© 2020


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