Presence of Christ-HOPE

The institution of the feast of the Corpus Christi was in the 13th century, focusing on the Blessed Sacrament. Holy Thursday, however, celebrates the institution of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Generally speaking, the Sacrament points to many things. The Lord broke bread with his disciples before death and then after his resurrection. It is the mystical union between Christ and the church. Eve was fashioned from the side of Adam, so is the church fashioned from the side of Jesus where blood and water flowed. It is what Christians do on the Lord’s day until He comes. The Eucharist speaks about Christ´s presence among His people which is the source of hope for God´s people.

Hope is the anchor of our soul. We are born again to a living hope (1 Peter 1:3). It is a living hope as opposed to a dead one. It is living because it is grounded upon the promises of God. Hope played an essential role in the coming of the Messiah and plays the same way role in the second coming of Christ.

“The late British rabbi, Hugo Gryn, recounted a story from when he was a teenage prisoner in the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz: “One midwinter evening one of the inmates reminded us that tonight was the first night of Hanukkah, the festival of lights. My father constructed a little Hanukkah menorah out of scrap metal. For a wick, he took some threads from his prison uniform. For oil, he used some butter that he somehow procured from a guard. [Although] such observances were strictly verboten [forbidden] we were used to taking risks. But I protested at the ‘waste’ of precious calories. Would it not be better to share butter on a crust of bread than to burn it? ‘Hugo,’ said my father, ‘both you and I know that a person can live a very long time without food. But Hugo, I tell you, a person cannot live a single day without hope.’” Without God, there is no hope. God is the giver of hope: that there is something greater and beyond this life. (Rational Bible-Exodus by Dennis Prager)

According to the Central for Disease Control, the second killer in the world is suicide, which claims 800,000 lives a year, roughly one life lost every 40 seconds.

In the Philippines, 1.8 million Filipinos are drug users. In 2005, the estimate of Drug users in the country was 6.8 millions. It seems like actual number remains unknown.

a person can live a very long time without food. But Hugo, I tell you, a person cannot live a single day without hope.’”

Some attribute this pandemic to poverty among other things. People take their own lives and end in drug addiction because of hopelessness. The voice of the church is ever needed, which is the voice of hope.

Many question the relativity of the church in modern society; the relevance of prayer, the Holy Eucharist, and other Christian practices against the backdrop of injustice and suffering in the world.

Some suggested that churches and their treasures must be sold to feed the poor and eradicate suffering. It sounds like a reasonable proposition. However, if it happens, sooner or later, the funds and proceeds will be consumed, and the poor will remain destitute. Furthermore, the church – the herald and messenger of HOPE is gone.

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