Testimonies of Covid-19 Survivors

Jhona Agliam, wife of Robert Agliam of Madrid, Spain

Even before the lockdown in Madrid, both my husband and I had several work mates who were already on quarantine either in their homes or in the hospital. I was worried for my husband Robert because he was coughing, had colds and he had chills in the mornings. On March 15, we decided to go to the hospital after praying. Upon arrival, both of us were checked by the doctors. Mine was just common flu, but Robert was immediately dispatched for clinical analysis and X-ray. The results said he had pneumonia and had to be admitted for quarantine. Fear crept in me and the first thought that came to my mind was to call the Church of St. John the Apostle where we used to go to. I went home to feed my children before going back to the hospital. I could no longer see my husband because he cannot be visited.

I was instructed to disinfect all things used by my husband and since then our communication came through telephone only. I was distraught, not knowing what to do. We have 3 kids. In two days, he was confirmed Covid19 positive. I never expected that my family will be hit by Covid19. During this time, I clung to God as my refuge. I joined the online bible study group and the Noon Time Prayer via live streaming. Our church delivered the Blessed Sacrament to our home. Church mates sent messages of hope constantly. I still visited my husband after the Noon time prayer. He would look down from his window and wave at me. Soon they had to give him oxygen because he couldn’t breathe. There were moments that he was very weak, but I prayed Psalm 91 with him on the phone and said God is trustworthy. Then one day, the doctor told me that Robert was improving, that he’s no longer on respirator and they have withdrawn his medicine to observe how his body will respond. If all goes well, he might be discharged on the weekend.

On March 26th, Robert was granted the discharge papers. He had to be fetched by a private car (no public transport), with just a driver with mask and hand gloves. I could not go to the hospital to pick him up as I had to prepare his room. I called up our relatives and friends but nobody wanted to pick him up for fear of being infected. Then I received a call from the Bishop offering to pick up my husband. I cried for joy. He had to be quarantined for 14 days after being discharged from the hospital. Now my husband has fully recovered and able to attend the noon time prayer by internet. All this while, I felt so glad to be within a Church community who never left me. I felt the love of God for me and my family all this time. God is with us! He heals us and He blesses us. Praise the Lord!

Dennis Agno of Madrid, Spain

First of all, I would like to give thanks to God, secondly, to all those who offered their prayers for me. Truly I felt the Love of God and the power of prayer during my almost 3 weeks of hospitalization. Everyday, I saw more than 3 people died and because of that my thoughts and mind were filled with sadness. Often, I would cry and wake up at dawn with anxiety and worry. However, I found strength to hang on to life through prayers – asking God for forgiveness, and He heard my prayers and yours. I have been discharged and recuperating in the company of my family and loved ones. Again, I heartily give thanks for the help and concern shown to me.

Marlene Andaya of London, England

Me and my family had taken ill and exhibiting symptoms such as fever, at different times between low to high grade, mild to moderate cough, chills and achy joints and bones in the last seven days. Both me and my husband were given 14 days isolation from work which is what I needed after using my Annual leave on the 1st week of March. Is it covid 19, who knows???

So, the doctor asked us if our cough were productive and that was then she prescribed antibiotic. We have completed 5-day course of Amoxicillyn antibiotics, which is prophylactic. I got scared when we develop shortness of breath that it may develop to pneumonia. It was the worst symptom. Ray, my husband, was slowly regaining appetite and still continue with regular Paracetamol. I know how painfully hard it had been, I was hit but I can now identify more with my patients, the physical endurance, the fight not to be scared and to stay strong and focus. For the first time I see and felt what Christ is asking us when we suffer with Him. Not once did I question God on how come it happens to me and my family. I realized that we were chosen to have this as testimony. I am thankful that we have the advantage in enduring all the physical symptoms having my nursing knowledge and skills. Thankful also for the support of family (in- laws) who supplied all our food and essential needs. The 17 days of sickness is not for the faint hearted, there were times I feared of losing our lives (me and Ray, my husband). But God reminded me of His covenant with me to prosper us and His love for us. It is so easy to die in this virus and yet He kept us alive and sustained us. Alleluia indeed.

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