HOST Paris – Worship Night November 2022

HOST Paris, the youth of the Charismatic Episcopal Church in Paris, presented a Worship Night on Saturday, November 6, 2022.


We have had several Worship Nights before — our first one being in 2018. We were not the first ones to come up with such an event. Many churches and communities host “nights of worship”. At that time, we only knew that we wanted to spend an evening fully praising the Lord. Little did we know that evenings like these would enable to connect with God and others in a new way.


For most of us, a Worship Night, or Worship Concert, is an occasion to spend intimate time with God. For this 5th Worship Night, the youth coordinators were praying for a theme. The Lord led us to the word “Sanctus”.

When we surrender our lives to God, our own will is slowly being replaced by God’s. It is easy to believe that our lives are now trapped. On the contrary, it is when we anchor ourselves in Him, that we feel the lightest. Despite the storms we face, we remain steadfast, filled with the hope for a better life.


This Worship Night was the exact reminder of that promise. A worship filled with the hope that, though death marks the end of an earthly life, it is, above all, the beginning of eternity in the majestic Kingdom of God.


We worship to thank God for giving us this hope, but most importantly, we worship as part of our sanctification.

We pray that visitors will understand that hope can be found through God. This Worship Night was indeed the opportunity for us to invite people from all backgrounds: especially people going through disappointment or loss, who have lost all hope, and who may have probably never experienced the Lord’s goodness.

See you at our next Worship Night!

Hanna Salvador-Bautista



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