Christmas Party Agape Style

by Rose Marie Muncal 

For the first time since the Covid pandemic, ICCEC Paris was finally able to celebrate Christmas together once again. Sometimes simple things are the most unforgettable ones, but being with your family church – that is more than memories.

After celebrating the mass, we all went down to the fellowship hall where the festivities were set up.  The program was a mix of games, dance, and songs – some Filipino songs which brought us some nostalgic moments.  We even had a raffle draw which was one of the highlights of the day where five prizes were given away.  All the while our band completed the christmassy atmosphere with their live music of Christmas songs.  Not to mention, the feast where everyone contributed agape style was delicious – especially the Lechon was a delight.  We needed to shorten up the program due to the finals of the World Cup, France being one of the finalists.

To sum it up, thank you to all HCGs as the driving force. Our party was a success.

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