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The Holy Order of St. Timothy, also known as HOST, is the youth group of the ICCEC – Diocese of Europe.

This year, the youth ministry is celebrating its 15th anniversary since its foundation. And for the occasion, the young people will be gathering in Venice, Italy for a summer camp called HOST Con, which also took place in 2018 in Bonn, Germany for the 10th anniversary of HOST and was the last diocesan gathering to date, due to the pandemic.

The goal of this event is to gather the youth from different countries and share with them the Gospel, make God known to those who don’t know Him yet, and refreshen the faith of those who may be currently struggling, taking into consideration that the fight against secularism is weighing a lot more on the younger generations. We therefore believe that any opportunity for the youth to gather and be reminded that they are children of God must not be disregarded. And the theme of this year’s HOST Con will be focused on the identity we have in God.

However, we are aware of the financial difficulties that the participants and their families may encounter, as most of the young people are only students and depend on their parents, and inflation is affecting every household. For this reason, we are currently in search of support and collaboration of valued patrons, sponsors and collaborators who are willing to be of help in the fulfilment of this event that can only impact positively in the lives of the youth and for God’s glory.

To be of help financially, you may sponsor a participant to help pay the HOST Con registration fee and/or the transportation ticket, contribute to your local HOST group’s fundraiser, or give a donation for the event’s general expenses such as food, logistics and print materials. For the general HOST Con expenses, kindly fill out the form and we will contact to confirm the payment method and give you the instructions.

If you need further information regarding this event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through  your local HOST leader, send us an email to or a message via FB Messenger to ICCEC HOST.


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